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even then, file cabinets and harddrives are probably gonna start to be a thing of the past, considering cloud saving and file storage is becoming more of a thing

Good point. It’s pretty difficult to find a good visualisation for this common thing.

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vickybit replied to your photo: (NSFW warning due to nudity.) I was just…

i love how the NSFW warning is BENEATH the image :V

That was mainly for my twitter followers, since that account cross-posts, but also so people can tumblr savior/safedash nsfw as a keyword. I could have hidden it under a cut and uploaded it within the post but if you follow an artist who draws naked ladies on the tumblrs you should probably expect naked ladies to show up on your tumblr!

Hey just as comparison: theartofanimation has a pair of luscious boobies about every 5th image.

I’m not complaining, I guess. It’s art and therefore tasteful.

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