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Act III felt really short



Wow, Act III felt really short.

Walk around a bit, pulverize some dudes, be annoyed by the keep dungeon layouts (god I hate labyrinths), kill a walking stomach (wow he was gross), kill a sexy spider, be disappointed that killing her doesn’t release those tormented giants in her “care”, discover…

personally I thought Belial was the only difficult boss on any difficulty (though I haven’t played inferno yet) and most of the others could be killed by just smacking them wih my monk and I agree Diablo 3 feels super short and padded and not that great

I think Act I and II felt the right length, like an actual large chapter, but the amount of locations is roughly the same as Act III, so it might just be me having good gear and knowledge of the game itself, so I’m powering through faster than at the beginning.

Belial demands that you run around. If you don’t, then you’ll probably die. I also don’t understand why the wizard got some insane buffs in a recent patch, like raising Arcane Torrent from 175% to 210%, and upgrading Numb to 80% slow instead of 60%. Maybe Blizzard doesn’t expect me to completely clean out every area, and thus I am more powerful than I’m “supposed” to be? Am I supposed to forge ahead towards my quest goal? Man, what kind of hero would I be if I didn’t clean up all these evil hordes and save the hapless lands?

Now that I’ve arrived at the gates of heaven with such relative ease, though, I no longer feel like I’m playing the hero’s journey, growing and gaining strength over time, but as an already powerful being, a mighty judge in pursuit of an evil entity that keeps slipping away from me through the capricious twin powers of Plot and Narrative.

Good enough for me.

Also Diablo in the cutscenes totally looked like a sexy woman, right? I mean after the transformation into his true form? Like, that hideous three-mouthed fire-breathing emaciated skeletal dragon being had some clear female properties? Even with a little swaying hips as he walked? You all saw that, right? No…?



ok I’m just going to


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Wow, Act III felt really short.

Walk around a bit, pulverize some dudes, be annoyed by the keep dungeon layouts (god I hate labyrinths), kill a walking stomach (wow he was gross), kill a sexy spider, be disappointed that killing her doesn’t release those tormented giants in her “care”, discover how overpowered the Reactive Armor rune is (it goes beyond mere faceroll and straight into look ma no hands), then ugly ol’ Azzy and I expected him to take a while and for a few seconds he did have me dancing around with those massive blood pools but then I was like fuck it I’m the goddamn hero of this story, I’m tired of running around BOOM Crystal Shell motherfucker and I walked right up to the dude, peppered him with a fine volley of Arcane Torrent and then the deal was done.

So in retrospect, being killed by Belial again and again on my very first attempts was 100% due to bad foot work and the false idea that somehow Arcane Torrent couldn’t hit him.

Before I pat myself on the back for these almost-achievements, Normal is probably just Training Wheels Mode. However, having to replay the game four times is quite frankly the pinnacle of padding your game, so I’ll probably only dip into the next difficulty level for a bit just to see what it’s like and then call it quits.

Some frozen cave with recolored lacuni also contained the gibbering gemstone so that may be related to this post slightly more than I’m willing to muse about any further because it’s ridiculous. This post is really interesting for everyone.

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Yeah, I’m going to retire Pili, my life minmaxer, and I can probably seriously boost my first wizard, a balanced one, with the knowledge I now have and some stash.

You don’t want to hear about this, of course, but that’s okay.

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O Noes

ladyphysicist replied to your post: D3
wizards are pretty fragile, yeah. my monk has very little trouble with things that make wizards cry…so far at least

My level 10 wizzy is kicking ass so far. Plenty of life-per-second armour, and some gear that adds life-per-hit. Sharp contrast to the templar that’s following me. I watched him go nuts on a single 13hp skeleton for like an hour and it was disgraceful. I gave him a 13dps weapon but all dmg he seems to be doing is below 5. Parts of D3’s mechanics still mystify me. Do low-level skeletons really have that much armour?

I just discovered that Sleet Storm disables the beam. That’s sad. Fortunately, it’s still a very good CC.

In RPGs I tend to have a few personal categories for weapons or skills. Some may be more quirky than others. I’m pretty sure this is actually how most people play, but I just like to be wordsmithy about it.

Main Weapon is a skill you use often because it’s cheap but still does reasonable damage to survive and gain levels. Ray of Frost and Magic Missile are my main weapons. I star with Frost, and switch to Missile while my arcane recharges.

Public Service is an omni- or multi-directional skill that works best on groups of minor creatures. You want this to be cheap. It doesn’t need to do much damage, but if it does, that’s a cool bonus. Shock Pulse + Explosive Bolts was a good service, but I’m looking at replacements for it.

Bang is a weapon that does more damage than your Main Weapon, but its cost makes it an impractical choice for continuous use. Arcane Orb is a good Bang. The splash damage makes it a viable Public Service as well.

Oh Shit - when you’re surrounded and need to make your escape. Frost Nova fulfilled this category first, but Wave of Force is much better suited to the task for now. Runes may change this.

Here’s Johnny! is an opener to soften up your opponents. Preferrably with wide area of effect. Spells with longer charge times are good for this, since you can prepare to cast them on a group of foes before they notice you.

LolCare is a strong or otherwise very effective defensive spell. Frost Nova will fulfill this category at very low levels, but Diamond Skin quickly replaces it once monsters get stronger and close enough to do damage. The various Armour spells seem good as well, but I haven’t leveled enough for them yet. Sleet Storm looks promising as an alternative.

Fuck You is a spell that does a wild amount of damage, but it comes at a great cost, either because of large resource requirements, or because it is entirely ineffective when deployed incorrectly or frivolously. I still need a good attack in the Fuck You category. Energy Twister + Gale Force seems nice on paper, for a dazzling 468% damage.

In terms of game system, Diablo III is everything I expected. If, however, you can’t stand the super-cliche’d fantasy setting (understandable!) you should get Bastion. It’s the same, but different.

Most RPGs I’ve played come down to one single piece of advice, though: Hit first; Hit hard. Everything else is cleanup. I wonder if it’s gametheoretically possible to break with that.

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It’s still a ways off (I’m currently level 10), but I cant decide whether I’ll rune up my Frost Ray with 0 Arcane cost (freeing up mana for Arcane Ob + Obliterate etc), or with Sleet Storm, turning it into a dual-action DD and CC weapon.

0 cost means I can keep it up indefinitely, and combined with Diamond Skin I wager I can just stoicly stand there and quietly ray everyone’s ass, occasionally Force-waveing minor minions out of my face.

This tactic seems good for 1-3 big foes, with an optional assortment of weak minions. It worked very well while kiting the Skeleton King. 4+ of strong enemies may require a different plan.

I’m running on the Fields of Misery now and the monsters are significantly stronger than those fragile skeletons in the crypts previous; where my tactic was to boldly run into the middle of a crowd and forcewave everyone to smithereens.

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